Product Usage Tutorial Video


DL400Pro screen tester on and off machine

DL400Pro screen tester switch between Chinese and English

DL400Pro screen tester 3D Touch test

DL400Pro screen tester 12-13mini has original screen original color repair

DL400Pro screen tester FOG test

DL400Pro screen tester image deletion and recovery

DL400Pro screen tester Adjustment of brightness

DL400Pro screen tester System upgrades

DL400Pro screen tester NO original screen write original color

DL400Pro screen tester Display test


F210 multifunctional repair instrument instructions for use

F210 multifunctional repair instrument original screen original color repair

F210 multifunctional repair instrument OTP data burning and lighting

F210 multifunctional repair instrument i14-i14plus Original screen original color repair

F210 Multifunctional repair instrument upgrade

F210 Multifunctional repair instrument Dian Liang Intelligent assistant Drive installations

F210 Multifunctional repair instrument connection Dian Liang assistant

F210 Multifunctional repair instrument No original screen write original color connected to be the PC

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