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How to choose high-definition anti-peep tempered glass?


In order to prevent other people from seeing the private content on their mobile phones, some people choose to put anti-spy film on their mobile phones. Recently, the hot search that the anti-spy film on mobile phones hurts the eyes has aroused everyone's discussion.

Therefore, you must not be greedy for cheap when choosing an anti-spy film. The first requirement of a good anti-spy film is a good anti-spy effect, and the second is high light transmittance.

The anti-peep effect is related to the viewing angle, the smaller the viewing angle, the better the anti-peep effect.

Some anti-spy films have a viewing angle of about 45°, and the anti-spy effect is relatively poor. This light-up anti-spy film is 28° anti-spy, and the scope is expanded to better protect personal privacy.

It is really protected, and you are not afraid of revealing your privacy wherever you are.

When you stick the anti-spy film on the screen, it is an exclusive privacy screen. It can only be seen clearly when facing the screen or within a certain angle range, and the screen information cannot be seen clearly from the side, thus effectively preventing personal privacy from being peeped.

The tempered film is only 0.25mm thick, which is extremely thin. While protecting the phone, it can also restore the touch of the bare screen.

Diamond diamond physique, strong protection against broken screen, high-density ion exchange + edge strengthening, double protection against external shocks.

This tempered film does not leave any marks on friction, and the screen is intact and smooth after passing up to 15,000+ friction tests.

Quality upgrade, strength guarantee, durable, say goodbye to frequent membrane changes.

High-alumina-silicon material, high strength, high toughness, effectively reduce the strong impact of the outside world on the screen, even if it breaks, the glass will not splash.

Sensitive touch, smoother and longer lasting, without any delay.

9H hardness, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, using high-alumina-silicon glass, combined with ion exchange technology, can effectively resist sharp objects and avoid damage and scratches.

Sweat-proof and oil-proof, smooth and more wear-resistant, effectively prevents residues such as fingerprints and oil stains, and keeps the screen clean.

The real phone is full screen, full coverage, full screen full screen without exposed edge, no hand clapping.

The anti-static silicone rubber layer significantly reduces the problem of dust adsorption and makes it easier to stick the film.

One-touch adsorption, automatic fit.

With automatic adsorption technology, it will automatically stick to the surroundings when it is put down, without air bubbles, even handicapped people can easily stick it, and the film will not ask for help.

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