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​Industry development prospect of tempered glass film products


Tempered glass film is a new type of protective film product for touch screen end users. Tempered glass film will gradually replace PET protective film. Features such as fingerprints and anti-blue light have many advantages.

Every new industry has its opaque and non-standard phenomena. The current problems of tempered glass film products in the industry mainly manifest in the following aspects:

1. Some models do not indicate the thickness of tempered glass

Most of the products made of tempered glass with a thickness of 0.4mm or more do not indicate or conceal the thickness of the tempered glass in the industry (except for online sales).

2. Conceal the thickness of the AB double-sided tape on the tempered glass

Both the tempered glass film manufacturer and the tempered glass film trader do not mark the thickness of the AB double-sided tape used on the tempered glass, resulting in concealing the true thickness of the tempered glass film. Tempered glass film products are composed of two parts: tempered glass + AB double-sided tape, of which the thickest AB double-sided tape is 0.2mm, the thinnest is 0.093mm, the real thickness of the so-called 0.4 thickness tempered glass film products in the market is: 0.493 mm ~ 0.6mm.

3. Tempered glass film is not tempered (no anti-scratch function)

Tempered glass film is a new type of product. Many people do not understand the product and cannot distinguish the ability of inferior products. The tempered glass film without scratch resistance is mainly because the glass material is made of ordinary glass that has not been tempered, or it is made of It is made of plastic glass.

4. Anti-fingerprint tempered glass film does not have anti-fingerprint function

The anti-fingerprint tempered glass film just applies anti-fingerprint oil on the glass surface once, and the anti-fingerprint function disappears when the hand is wiped lightly. Because the anti-fingerprint function is truly achieved, the cost will increase by more than 30%. Based on cost competitiveness Considering that the tempered glass film in the domestic market does not have the real anti-fingerprint function.

V. Overview

Tempered glass film subverts the concept of PET protective film. The tempered protective film plays a real protective role, and can add various other practical functions to the product, such as anti-scratch, anti-drop, anti-blue light, color patterns, etc.

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