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The functions and uses of intelligent screen testers

Usage features: Used for testing the display and touch of mobile phones, iPads, IWatch, etc., and for original color restoration.

Supports EDP interface, multifunctional extension interface, supports screen OTP burning, supports MIPI debugging, can set resolution output, supports online register reading and writing, can install Android series apps (including games), and programmable overcurrent threshold.

Support Video/Command/DSC mode, support dynamic high screen brushing, touch testing and drawing trajectory on the same screen, and support up to 4K display screen.

Application objects: repair ports, assembly dealers, and assembly production factories

Pain point resolution:

1. The cost of purchasing a mobile motherboard is huge (30000 to 50000 yuan)

2. Mobile phone motherboard is prone to damage

3. Convenient to carry, phone size can measure hundreds of display screens