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DL400Pro Now supports screen display testing for iPhone iPad 10


DL400Pro---Heavyweight updates

No need to purchase iPad screen test box

Use DL400Pro to test Apple iPad screens

More iPad models are constantly being updated!

Apple iPad Pro 11 inch 1-4 generation

Screen testing, display testing, and touch testing functions

Entered the research and development debugging phase

IPad screen test display video

DL400Pro Intelligent Screen Tester ---Introduction

The DL400Pro intelligent screen tester now supports and is compatible with multiple mobile phones, tablets, watches, and various sizes of screens on the market for testing, Supported brands include: iPhone, Huawei, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung, Transsion, Moto, etc.

Don't miss any models that require screen testing, firmly follow mainstream models and synchronize research and development testing.

Now supports 1029 models with a total of 421 ribbon cables.

Supports the entire iPhone series (6th to 15th generation), as well as multiple popular models such as iPad and iWatch.

Among them, popular models include: 13P/13PM/14P/14PM/15/15Plus/15P/15PM/Nova10P/Mate50P/Mate50E/Honr810 and other popular mainstream model screens.

Support screen testing and repair functions

1.Screen display

Brightness, color, contrast, bad spots, etc.

2.Screen touch

Screen swipe click sensitivity, screen presence or absence of touch breaks, etc.

3.Screen current

Touch current (the current that drives the circuit during touch operation)

Display current (display the current at which the driving circuit operates when lit)

Backlight current (displays the current at which the backlight works when lit)

4.Apple original color restoration

Apple Original Color refers to a screen display technology that can automatically adjust the color temperature of the screen based on ambient light, making the colors of the screen look more consistent and comfortable. It also has a certain eye protection effect.

Apple's original color display technology has been supported since iPhone 8, but if the screen is replaced, this feature will be lost and can be fixed using DL400Pro.

DL400Pro More Intelligent Highlights

1.OTP data writing

Can support writing data for displaying touch schemes on mobile phone screens (OTP writing)

2.Install specified images and videos

It can support customizing images into the instrument system to display different screen display effects (brightness, color, contrast).

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