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How to use Tempered Film?


Today's technology is becoming more and more developed, and electronic products are updated very quickly. We bought our beloved electronic products, how can we protect them? Tempered Film plays a very good role. If our phone accidentally drops, Tempered Film can protect our screen very well. So, how to use Tempered Film?

First prepare four tools: Tempered Film, wiping cloth, and vacuum paper.

Use an alcohol wipe to wipe off the grease and bacteria on the surface of the phone to avoid screen blur. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the alcohol and a small amount of dust, and tear off the only release film of Tempered Film.

Place the Tempered Film on the phone screen and determine its position. Wipe the screen clean with an alcohol cloth, light up the phone screen, stick the Tempered Film on it according to the corresponding position, turn off the screen, and drive out the bubbles. Use your fingernails to lift the edge a little, and use a dust remover to remove the dust.

Wipe the Tempered Film with a soft cloth. The surface of the Tempered Film will be brighter and cleaner. Use your hands to peel off a labeled area on the back of the Tempered Film so that the Tempered Film becomes sticky.

Hold the edge with both hands and slowly lower it vertically. Click in the middle and the Tempered Film will automatically adsorb.

Finally, use a wiping cloth to wipe the surface of the Tempered Film that has been attached and the phone. It is best to fill a small amount of white edges with white edge filling liquid. Be sure to align carefully when putting down the film, and be careful when using the white edge filler.

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