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​The tempered film for mobile phones can effectively prevent the mobile phone screen from breaking


The first thing to understand is that the mobile phone is free-falling during the drop procedure, and the force and direction are irregular. Therefore, the consideration to prevent the tempered screen of the mobile phone from cracking lies in the characteristics of the screen itself: 2D, 2.5D, 3D screen.

1. Ordinary 2D screen

This kind of screen is basically level with the frame of the fuselage. After the tempered glass film is attached, the screen will not directly contact the ground during the fall process. It usually acts on the frame and four corners, or acts on the tempered glass frontally. The film has the best protection effect on the screen!

2. Common 2.5D screen

The 2.5D screen is based on the 2D screen and has its edges polished into an arc shape. By matching the curves of the metal frame, the phone will not have the same hand feeling as an ordinary screen when crossing the edge of the screen. At the same time, the rounded shape makes the phone more comfortable. It looks more refined.

The disadvantage is that the 2.5D glass is slightly higher than the metal frame and the edges are curved, so the film must be "smaller" than the screen, and the screen protection effect is not that complete.

3. 3D curved screen

As the name suggests, the left and right sides of the screen are made into 3D curved surfaces. It may not be much different from 2.5D in literal terms, but it is fundamentally different! There is a greater risk of screen breakage when dropped, and the special 3D screen technology makes repair costs more expensive. Nowadays, there are films on the market for 3D curved screens, which cover the entire screen through the "hot bending" process, which can theoretically provide complete protection!

After considering the characteristics of the screen itself, there is another important factor: the quality of the mobile phone’s tempered film!

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